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Great way to get decent wood

very easy to order and pickup some quality work.

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Barrow Bag of Kiln Dried Ash

Barrow Bag of Kiln Dried Ash

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Kiln-dried ash is a premium firewood option that has undergone a controlled drying process in a kiln, resulting in a product with specific characteristics and advantages. Here's a description of kiln-dried ash:

  1. Low Moisture Content:

    • The primary feature of kiln-dried ash is its low moisture content. The kiln-drying process effectively reduces the water content in the wood to a level below 20%, typically ranging from 6% to 12%. This low moisture content enhances the wood's combustion efficiency and overall performance.
  2. Clean Burning:

    • Kiln-dried ash burns cleanly with minimal smoke and ash residue. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice and reduces the risk of creosote buildup in chimneys. The clean burn contributes to better air quality and less maintenance for your fireplace or wood-burning appliance.
  3. Consistent Heat Output:

    • Ash wood is known for its excellent burning properties, and kiln-drying further enhances its performance. Kiln-dried ash provides a consistent and sustained heat output, making it an ideal choice for heating applications where a reliable source of warmth is required.
  4. Versatility:

    • Kiln-dried ash is versatile and well-suited for various heating applications. Whether you're using it in a fireplace, woodstove, or other wood-burning appliance, kiln-dried ash can meet the demands of different heating scenarios.
  5. Quick Ignition:

    • Thanks to its low moisture content, kiln-dried ash ignites more quickly than air-dried wood. This makes it convenient for starting fires, ensuring a prompt and efficient ignition process.
  6. Long Burning Duration:

    • The dense nature of ash wood, coupled with the kiln-drying process, contributes to a longer burn duration. This is particularly advantageous for those seeking a sustained heat source or for overnight burning.
  7. Minimal Bark and Debris:

    • Kiln-dried ash logs typically have minimal bark and debris, providing a cleaner and more convenient firewood experience. This can be especially appreciated for indoor use, where cleanliness is a priority.
  8. Environmentally Friendly:

    • Using kiln-dried ash is an environmentally responsible choice. The controlled drying process reduces the environmental impact associated with burning wood, making it a sustainable option for heating.
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